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In 2004, ‘TheFaceBook’ emerged from Facemash and became an instant hit. Changing its name to 102165565-facebook.530x298Facebook, the social network became an international success within two years, but it has significantly changed its values and objectives over the last decade and is constantly evolving to support and even create today’s global trends.


The Rise Of Brand Advertising Options

Key people in the Facebook moneymaking machine have noted how the volume of advertising versus content on a page is on a downward trend and will be much less effective in the near future. It looks like Facebook will have to find new ways for brands to reach out to consumers.

Guess what? It already did!

Paid Search Advertising On Facebook

The main aim of Facebook has always been to bring people together, but recently, with the development of features such as instant articles, the interest have shifted slightly towards offering businesses new paid search functions. The Facebook search bar is used almost 2 billion times per day in search of people and/or events. Zuckerberg himself described the latest evolution as having a three-stage approach. Allowing new products and services to get organic interaction with users, providing discrete tools for businesses, and creating an income from commercial advertising. Mark recently announced that Facebook is approaching the implementation of the third stage and they are now focusing on the expansion of the search function, but that’s not the only thing Facebook has up its sleeve.

Facebook Video

When it comes to video media, Facebook is always on the lookout for innovative breakthroughs, and many believe the written word will soon take a permanent back seat. Facebook live is now said to be gearing up for massive monetization, and Facebook may soon be placing ads and banners in Live Streaming events or during targeted breaks. Video is already hugely popular with over three billion hours of video being streamed out per month. With those numbers still on the rise, profit from video is a given, and the only question is how soon?

Monetizing Bots

When Facebook Messenger reached 1 billion users, it finally fit Mark Zuckerberg’s Hello-Jarviscriteria for what he called meaningful business.
Everybody knew Messenger would follow Facebook’s monetization template. Facebook steered away from splatter adverts all over its platform and instead chose to give brands an outlet where their posts do all the talking. Facebook is offering brands a way to built communication with people, not just exposure, and it’s working. Facebook is experimenting with different types of ads to monetize bots, and the advertising world is anticipating amazing new developments in 2017.


Facebook’s global reach is turning to the high street with the launch of Marketplace. The focus is on local business transactions. Already being praised and capitalized on by thousands of small businesses, people are starting to ask if Marketplace might one day affects such giants as eBay and Amazon. Time will tell, but the Marketplace reputation is at an all-time high, and it’s still gaining momentum.

Virtual Social Reality

360-degree photos and videos are just the beginning, and 2017 is shaping up to be the year VR goes mainstream, or so we all hope. Mobile technology is already pushing boundaries, and with Oculus Rift now in-pocket, many are anticipating great things. Facebook is still divided on pricing issues with no definite plan on the horizon, but when prices finally do fall, and the tech becomes available to the masses, the way we see social media today will suddenly seem like black and white movies. Those marketers already preparing for virtual reality are expecting big things, and we at CPMStars think they might be right.

The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

Facebook’s release of assistive technology for the visually impaired was a hit. Image recognition reached new levels of accuracy and text to speech got one step closer to natural human voice transcript. The new tech to step into the spotlight is Style Transfer. The innovative camera feature adds filters to live video, which again puts forward-development firmly in the hands of video visionaries. All this means internet speeds and processing power will soon be struggling, and another technological bomb will need to be dropped in order to produce the right content for the right audience at just the right time. Another plus is that the video revolution will create more rigorous and intelligent monitoring that will effectively stamp out fake news and other inappropriate materials. The social media landscape is shifting faster than ever, and many say it is a spring cleaning that is already long overdue.

The Sharing Evolution

The evolution of WHAT we share has a direct effect on HOW we share. The transition from desktop downloadmajority to the new reign of mobile
devices went smoothly, despite the spike in video media usage. Private group access and public sharing gives new levels of relevance and the emergence of tech companies that produce high-quality video at inexpensive prices bring us to a new issue for 2018 and beyond. The next battle for marketers will be fought on the native video plains, and Facebook will no doubt be at the forefront of the action, and we at CPM Stars will be here to keep you up to date every step of the way.