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Facebook for Affiliates

Forget what you’ve heard, affiliate marketing is not dead!

Some believe affiliate marketing has had its day and already has one foot in the grave. Less than a decade ago, people who had jumped on the Affiliate money train as it was steaming out of the station made loads of money online. Nowadays, people are turning away from affiliate marketing in the belief that too many are doing it and making real money is no longer a reality. They might be half right, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a comfortable place to drop your flag and state your claim.

Like all markets and industries, the rules and goalposts are continuously shifting, and change is a constant. If you were to use techniques that worked five years ago you’d have troubles straight away. Staying current, leaving past successes where they belong, and keeping your finger on the pulse is the right way to go.

Social Media Matters

One giant that is changing the way affiliate marketing works is Facebook. Just about everyone is on Facebook nowadays, and they are flaunting their profiles and interests for everyone to see. Getting exposure to the highest visited website on the planet is easier than ever. Facebook shares posts, shows who “Likes” and how many, gives interaction and comments, it is literally a marketers dream. Facebook’s clever and ever-changing algorithm recognizes genuine content and promotes or favors the post. Professional posts, ads, and pages can bring massive traffic and interest and consequently profits from sales. So how hard is it to get started affiliate marketing on Facebook?

Post your ProductsFacebook Affiliates

So you’re on Facebook. Posting your product on your wall is the easiest way to do some affiliate marketing,
but for most of us it is also the least effective way too. Even if you have several hundred friends, they’ll soon get sick of you harassing them with products not necessarily targeting them. So what’s the solution?

Create A Page

Whether you have a blog or not, you should definitely create a Facebook page. A Facebook page is a fantastic way to promote a blog or even post affiliates links directly. A Facebook Page is more of an update platform to keep your targeted audience informed of developments, new releases, and special deals. Pages are considerably easier to manage and in most cases have greater effect or influence than personal posts.

Facebook Groups

Not so long ago, the idea of selling something without having a website was considered to be nuts. Nowadays the same can be said about not using Facebook. The first thing to do is choose your niche. Getting into a Niche market is a very effective way to target the right audience or
demographic. This way your posts will be interesting and appreciated by your readers. At the beginning, don’t try so hard to always make a sale. Slow down, do some A/B testing. Focus on trying different styles of posts and see which gets better traction. Write with a different voice
and see which provokes the most interest. Do you get a better response from “Dear reader” or “Hi everybody”. When you know exactly the best writing style and the most effective images, you’ll be ready to expand .

Even the most popular Facebook groups started with just a few friends and family. Those close to you shared FBwhat you post, which gives exposure to people outside your circles. Try to avoid only posting about products that you receive commissions on. You’ll be judged very quickly and lose all credibility if you are constantly pushy. Instead keep to a theme of sharing products that have use or value, even ones that you are not connected with. New visitors to your group page seeing that you promote a variety of products will be inclined to believe your recommendations are based on value, not sales, and trust you more.

Ads on Facebook

Facebook ads can be highly effective when done correctly and substantially enhance your online exposure. You’ll have to jump through plenty of hoops regarding text and imagery to keep to the Facebook guidelines, and many tend to give up after being rejected half-a-dozen times. Those who push past the inconvenience reap a reward of massive exposure for their affiliate links and blogs, especially those who go to great effort to make engaging images. Try different visual approaches until you get a clear indicator of what works. Always keep in mind that people are stimulated by images more than words so keep your images eyepopping. You don’t need an army of marketing professionals to start seeing results, and you don’t need to single-handedly create an entire ad campaign. Spend some time analyzing the performance of your content and promote selects that are performing the best. Try giving your best movers a boost, you’ll be amazed with the results.

If you’ve had little success with your affiliate marketing, try these Facebook strategies. Remember to test. Drop what doesn’t work, refine what does. Be honest, provide a service to the FB community, and use attractive and compelling images.